History of the Spine

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History of the Spine – Academie voor Theater en Dans

Building together and alone. Vertebrae hold one. One holds humanity in a world where we are eating, loving, shitting, shopping, clubbing and fucking, believing, searching and judging.

Historically seen, who can say no to happiness?

History of the Spine is a timeline, an interpretation of the feeling of being part of the inescapable world. It is about timelines within timelines and about a scientists attempt to investigate crosses, parallels, curvy unconsciousness and human determination.

Let’s celebrate the human intuition.

scenographer/director: Nina Kay

choreographer: Masha Zhukova
performers: Andrea Pisano, Angela Galmarini, Jasper Koopmans, Sherise Strang, Verena Herterich

Graduation performance by Nina Kay, Scenography, Academie voor Theater en Dans

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