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Bubbleality – Robert van der Ree – Fine Art Photography


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Out of the Moonlight

” I was on my way to a sleazy/classy joint. Some guy’s wife is cheating on him and I was on my way to proof it.
The car was broken again. So I walked. I love to walk.
The sky looked full of rain. Was it a sign? I don’t know.
In a past life I would have been warned for something to happen.
In my ‘Golden Years’…
But I left that period behind me, a long time ago. And I wasn’t planning to go back.
I opened an office in Amsterdam/Paris. A cheap little rat hole that suited the work I did.
Now … I did shabby jobs for who would ever hire me. It was the bottom of the barrel, and I scraped it, but I didn’t care… Life was simple/wasn’t that bad.
… And then she walked in, out of the moonlight, into the darkness …
I knew what I’ve been missing for so long. There was still that something about her that got me.

‘Out of the Moonlight’ is a fine art photo serie, inspired by classic film noir. Concept, styling & photography: Robert van der Ree

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